Custom Wardrobing

A TFB Personal Shopping Experience

  Interested in upgrading your wardrobe, but not sure where to start? Look no further! Meet our fashion consultant, Rachel Spiegel. With over ten years of experience in the fashion industry, wardrobing clients has become second nature to Rachel. Discovering her talents at a very young age, her expertise has only developed over time. Staying up to date on current trends is imperative, but Rachel stays true to her classic town and country look. “Working for Louis Vuitton taught me many things; the importance of building a collection tailored to your client’s lifestyle is what I found to be most significant.” Offering services for both men and women, Rachel’s personal shopping services includes career styling, wardrobe editing, seasonal shopping and closet makeovers to accomplish any style goal you may have. 


Seasonal Refresh 

Looking to enhance your seasonal wardrobe? Rachel will build upon your current wardrobe with key pieces that are tailored to the trends and the climate of the approaching season.


Wardrobe Revamp

 Sit down with Rachel to build a wardrobe with pieces that will be cherished in your collections for years to come. She will provide guidance on the type of colors, patterns, designs and clothing styles that are best for your lifestyle. Rachel will build a capsule of key pieces that are ideal to mix and match, and will provide insight on how to properly care for your garments.

Styling Services

Hourly styling rate: $55

Seasonal refresh / 4 hours recommended / $220

Wardrobe revamp / 8 hours recommended / $440


 Closet Editing

In Partnership with 

Rachel will develop a strategy to emphasize the stylistic aspects of your closet, while accommodating space and organization. She will will offer support for decision-making, facilitate actions around removal of unwanted belongings, and set up systems, from shelving, lighting labels to help you establish order and clarity.


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